pool maintenance and repair

Keep your pool & Spa clean, clear, and balanced

Keep your pool and spa clean, clear, and balanced to protect you and your loved ones from contaminants and pollutants and avoid costly hardware repairs due to corrosion or mineral build-up. 

Our weekly preventative maintenance programs extend the lifetime of your pool and equipment.

Pool maintenance

Water Balance

We ensure your pool is safe to swim in by performing a chemical balance test to maintain proper pH and alkalinity.

Filter Cleaning

We clean the pool filters improving water circulation and safety and lengthening your filter life.

net and vacuum

We vacuum your pool bottom to remove debris and brush the pool walls and steps as needed.

Skimmer & pump baskets

We remove debris from the baskets to improve water circulation and reduce the risk of clogging.

Equipment repair


Upgrade your pump and control panel to increase efficiency and reduce noise.

Pump and Filter Repair

We are certified to perform repairs on major brands and can install replacements when needed.

light replacement

We replace damaged lights and repair any existing wiring or install new wiring for additional pool lights.

Heater Installations

We can install a pool heater if you are looking to upgrade and keep existing heaters in tip-top shape.


Tired of having a pool that doesn’t look its best?

STEP 1. Call for an estimate

We will provide you with an estimate simply by asking a few questions about your pool.

STEP 2. Schedule A Start Date

Sign up for our maintenance plan and make sure your pool is cared for properly.

STEP 3. Enjoy Your Clean Pool

Our dedicated crew arrives weekly on your property to perform maintenance services.